Re-Usable Cat Litter (Blue Starter Pack)


How it works.

  1. Place 5ml of detergent in the bottom tray and cover base with water to mix.
  2. Place the filter tray on top of the bottom tray and add the 4kg Re-Usable cat litter to filter tray.
  3. Place the tray in your cats preferred area for use.
  4. Remove stools with preferred scoop the urine will filter into the bottom tray.
  5. Once the water is no longer fit for use empty content into the toilet and repeat no.1
  6. The re-usable cat litter is washable and can be cleaned in a bucket with a household detergent/Domestos and rinse.
  7. Allow washed cat litter to dry and re-use (we advise taking an extra bag of litter so that your kitty doesn’t need to wait).

Eliminate cat smells affiliated with general cat litter units.

Cat litter replacement from up to 6mths depending on removal.

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Re-Usable Cat Litter (Blue Starter Pack)